8  EDOS Dependency Management Timeline

The EDOS project starts.
The first versions of the ceve package parser (see Section 5.1) and EDOSlib tools (see Section 5.3) are available on the public EDOS subversion repository.
EDOS deliverable WP2D1 [EDO05], containing the analysis of package systems (see Section 1), the proposals for improving package metadata reported in Section 2, the reduction to Boolean constraints (see Section 4.1), and the NP completeness (see Section 4.2). [Complete deliverable in PDF]
The first version of edos-debcheck (see Section 5.6) by Jérôme Vouillon, using SAT-solver technology, available on the public EDOS subversion repository.
The EDOS project starts tracking dayly the Debian distribution, via the anla tool, reports are made available and easily browsables on http://brion.inria.fr/anla/ at Inria.
Publication of [CDL+06]. [Complete paper in PDF]
EDOS deliverable WP2D2 [EDO06], containing the encoding of the package installability problem into a Booolean satisfiability problem (see Section 4.3) and into a Constraint Programming problem (see Section 4.4), as well as the comparison of package maintainers (see Section 7). [Complete deliverable in PDF]
Tools and results presented at the Free Software Workshop, in FISL 2006, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Tools and results presented at the Large Software System Management workshop, in RMLL 2006, Nancy, France, with participation of a Debian delegation.
Publication of Managing the Complexity of Large Free and Open Source Package-Based Software Distributions at the 21th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering [MBC+06]. [Complete paper in PDF]
The first version of tart, an optimizing package allocator for splitting a distribution across multiple media, is publicly available on the EDOS subversion repository.
The EDOS WP2 team presents the tools at the Debian QA meeting in Extremadura; edos.debian.net is born.
The EDOS project finishes; the tools developed by the WP2 team totalize around 100.000 lines of OCaml code.