Some Results from EDOS on Dependency Checking

Several of the Mancoosi partners have collaborated in the framework of the EDOS project which was devoted to the specific problem of building Linux distributions. This has led, among the various other results of the EDOS project, to the development of ground-breaking tools that allow to efficiently check the consistency of a set of packages.

The EDOS project had aimed at improving the stability of a distribution from the point of view of the distribution editor, and not the stability of a particular user installation, which is Mancoosi’s main target. The problem of maintaining a user installation is quite a different challenge: one needs to take into account the evolution over time of the installation, the availability of software coming from different distributions, or even from third parties, as well as sophisticated user preferences. This is the problem that the Mancoosi projects aims to solve.

The following web pages aim to summarize some of the results of the EDOS project on dependency checking that have been achieved in the Workpackage 2, and that are relevant to the MANCOOSI project. More complete information on the EDOS project can be found at the EDOS project web pages.