unburden my home dir

Today I installed unburden-home-dir and I'm very please with it. It's a simple script that takes care of your temporary files to move them outside your home directory. The main reason why I installed it is to minimize the number of read/writes of iceweasel. My favorite browser is apparently the culprit of 80% of read / write operations on disk even when it is idle... Moving the cache to tmpfs, I hope to reduce the IO on disk and to extend my battery life. Using a SSD I haven't noticed any remarkable benefits regarding performances, but I hope I'll manage to squeeze a bit more from my battery.

Installing and configuring unburden-home-dir is straightforward. It is packaged for debian (experimental at the time of writing), and it is very easy to configure. Remember that if you want to have your cache on tmpfs, you need to ether mount a tmpfs-enabled file system somewhere or enable RAMTMP=yes in /etc/default/rcS (default in wheezy).

After installing unburden-home-dir iotop shows a delightful page full of zeros :)

ps: if you use duplicity, remember to specify the option --archive-dir to move the duplicity cache somewhere else...

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That is indeed very nice -

That is indeed very nice - one thing I found additionally to be a nice combination is adding a "reburdening" on logout - this means you can simply unburden .mozilla, not only the caches, which significantly speeds up iceweasel (I can live with a lost history if my laptop should crash - it does so only seldomly). My way of adding reburdening was:

$ cat /etc/gdm3/PostSession/Default

  1. !/bin/sh

logoutscript="${HOME}/.gdmlogout"; if [ -x "${logoutscript}" ] ; then

    su "${USER}" -c "${logoutscript}"

exit 0

$ cat ~/.gdmlogout

  1. !/bin/sh

  1. move unburdened directories back

unburden-home-dir -u -f --

and chmod +x ~/.gdmlogout

All cobbled together from pieces I found in the internet. Like this I can add stuff to be unburdened I would usually not dare (like the whole ~/.mozilla directory)

Thanks for pointing out this nice program, I had previously built my own set of scripts to move .mozilla to /tmp, but it was rather fragile, this aproach is much better.

Could you please be using XDG

Could you please be using XDG Homedir spec? Would be great not to have so much stuff in $HOME. Would be great to have configs in ~/.config/program/config