Nice menus in drupal 7 ?

I wanted to add a nice dropdown menu using drupal 7 and browsing the net I realized that there are so many drupal consultants making soooo many (fantastic) videos that it's kind of difficult to understand which version of drupal they are using and if things changed in the meanwhile.

An I know this blog post is going to be obsolete in a short while...

Anyway, if you are using drupal 7.12 and nice menus 7.x-2.0 creating a dropdown menu does not require any templateing foo (except if you want to change the default nice menu appearance). Just create a menu (I used the main menu) with a hierarchical structure. Then in the them setting (I'm using bartik) disable the main and secondary menus. At this point you need to go in the block configuration panel and add in the "features" region the nice menu block. save, rinse and it's done !

It's actually very easy, but the doco and videos around gave me a different impression. I think mostly because drupal evolves so fast and developers listen a lot to users that simple this are actually simple (and hard things are possible !)

My 002 drupal cents for the day.

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THANK YOU! That's exactly

THANK YOU! That's exactly the simple explanation I needed to get started! (Why can't everyone be so concise!) Thanks again!