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my freerunner is finally free!!

This week I got myself a sim card and I started doing a more appropriate use of my freerunner. For a start I've flushed it with the latest SHR distribution. The SHR is based on FSO and I've the feeling that is stable enough for daily use. After struggling a bit I've also installed debian. The installer script is still a bit broken and, in particular in this period, is very fragile because of the state of flush of debian unstable. Nonetheless, after a couple of restart I managed to get it going.

I've also flushed the FR with QI, the new boot loader, that is seems faster then u-boot. It is also more strict about the kernel location and naming, but nothing I can't handle :)

Last but not least, I flushed the new GSM firmware using the image that is provided by OM. It worked straightaway, nothing much to report here.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the state of things. I received and made phone calls as well as sms. Sometimes there are small usability quirks that make it more difficult to use the phone that what it
should. I've seen a lot of bug reports and suggestions and I'm sure we're going to solve everything

Not very much of a technical post. Maybe I'll collect few links later on...

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